Company introduction

Basic information

Trade name: STROJÍRNA OSLAVANY, spol. s r. o.
Legal form: Limited Liability Company
Registered office: Padochovská 31, 664 12 Oslavany, Czech Republic
Company ID: 49 44 45 31
Entry into Commercial Register: 30 August 1993, Section C, Entry 12194
Registered capital: CZK 16 000 000
Number of employees: 190

Company base

We are based on the site of the former KUKLA black coal mine, dominated by the cultural monument of the KUKLA mining tower and the Permonium® theme entertainment park. This place, built in 1865, was used for active coal mining until 1973.

We revitalized the site in 2010-17 with the support of European grants. When doing so, we made every effort to preserve its original form and establish a modern engineering firm at the same time. Linking the company using the latest technology and the cultural monument with the Permonium® educational and theme entertainment park has created a unique blend of history and the future.


During 2010-16, we received several significant regional and national awards.  In addition to our primacy in the contest “Nejinovátor” (The Best Innovator),
we also gained the titles The Firm of the Year and The Socially Responsible Company in the South-Moravian Region
and ranked among the Top 100 companies in the Czech Republic.


We are a member of the Brno Regional Chamber of Commerce, of the Association of the Czech Railway Industry (ACRI), and a founding member of the Industry 4.0 cluster of the South Moravian Region.


More than 50% of our customers are foreign customers, most often from Germany. When communicating with a client, fair dealing, openness and professionalism at all levels are most important for us.

Company vision

The company with a significantly innovative potential aiming at joining the elite engineering companies in Europe and satisfying requirements of the most demanding customers.



The list of references will be sent on request.


STROJÍRNA OSLAVANY, spol. s r.o. is a traditional Czech manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic damping systems for rail vehicles and complex components for pneumatic and transport equipment.

We use modern production technologies and equipment for manufacturing. We are actively involved in the Industry 4.0 challenges and environment of automation, robotization and digitization of business processes.

We consistently monitor development trends in our field and implement our own activities, manufactured products, processes and services with the aim of:

  • Maintaining fair relationships with all represented stakeholders.
  • directing our activities to the maximum satisfaction of the needs of business partners, owners, employees, industry experts and the local community.
  • Continuously improving the manufactured products, deliver it on time and in the required quality.
  • Minimizing the impact of our business activities on the environment.


We carry out our activities in accordance with valid generally binding regulations, standards and other requirements.

We analyse risks, opportunities, manage the impacts that arise in connection with our activities and take appropriate measures.

In the spirit of the Learning Organization philosophy, we improve the qualifications of our employees, train in the field of quality of work, care for the environment and actively participate in the development of the company.

The Integrated management system, which is implemented in the company, meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards. The company’s management undertakes to check and update this policy regularly, so that it constantly corresponds to the company’s aims and scope of its activities.