We are a leading manufacturer of hydraulic shock absorbers for rail vehicles and components for pneumatic and transport equipment. We started our own development already in 1983; as a result, we have been constantly improving our hydraulic shock absorbers. In 2012, we started to do business in the field of tourism and innovative education.

  • 1973
    Establishment of the company as part of První brněnská strojírna Brno
  • 1993
    Privatization of the company under the name STROJÍRNA OSLAVANY, spol. s r.o.
  • 2001
    Restructuring of the company and transition to a divisional arrangement
  • 2009
    New strategy of the company development with the help of EU grant projects, OPPI and ROP
  • 2017
    Transformation of the company into an organizational structure on the principles of process management that helps fulfil visions, strategic objectives and goals.